El Campero – The delights of tuna

Let me share some interesting tips and advice to those who are going to visit the most famous tuna restaurant in Barbate: El Campero.


The first question should be: How can I make a reservation. The best option is to book always in advance during the summer time. This time of the year the tuna restaurant is packed. Normally the restaurant is fully booked in July and August. However, if you go there without reservation, there are two spaces (the bar and the terrace outside) were they allow people to have lunch or dinner. My suggestion would be to go first thing (about 9.30pm) or last (11.30pm). If you do so, you will not wait long to be seated in a table.

If you choose the option to get a table with no previous reservation, you can always go to the promenade in Barbate and get a cocktail while waiting for the table. There are three of four places where they offer 2×1 in cocktails.


Another question would be, is it expensive? Here comes to mind what my grandmother used to tell me when we were in a to go to restaurants. “did you like it? If I said yes, then she would answer Then it’s not expensive”. El Campero goes for around 40-50 € per person, but this restaurant is a must! I know so many restaurants where serve good meat and good fish. El Campero is a unique restaurant in the Spanish territory when it comes to tune dishes.

Tapas food

What do I ask for? El Campero has an extensive menu. I recommend to share different tapas. The bill will be smaller and this way you can taste different dishes and varieties of the restaurant. I would recommend to order the following dishes:

– Toast of tuna and truffle (for me the best!) It is a delicatessen
– Squid tartare with shellfish (delicious)
– White loin tataki
– Tenderloin Sashimi
– Tuna with onion (like the typical recipe of the grandmother)
– Tune Miniburguer (a fun dish)
– Spicy tuna
– Tuna morrillo (the tuna sirloin)

Ordering the above tapas, you will try the best and most delicious dishes in El Campero. You will bring home this unforgettable experience.


El Campero cannot fail to move the visitor. Your visit will be an authentic and unique dining experience.

I hope you find useful all the information. Visit and enjoy this this spectacular restaurant.
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El Campero restaurant

Avda. de la Constitución local 5C

11160 – Barbate – Cádiz

Tel. 0034 650 420 792


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