Retinto beef meat. The most hiden secret in the South of Spain. Something elese besides fried fish. A good example of fine quality meat.

Lately there is so much talk about retinto meat. This meat comes from a native breed of cattle that has a quality brand for marketing achieved in 2014. This breed is raised in the wild and feeds on shrubs, grasses and acorns that differentiate it genetically from other vaccine varieties.
This meat is now on fashion and is almost sacred for locals in Cadiz.
In my opinión, in one can find better meats in Spain like the Avila steak or the Galician cow. Needless to mention other international meats like the Argentine chorizo ​​bifé or the famous Japanese kobe.
It is always good to defend local products versus international products, but always in a measured way. “Should I taste retinto meat if I go to Cádiz for summer? The answer would be yes”. The truth is that you are going to enjoy a good meat and it is always good to have a real reference of why people talk so much about it.
Now, what are the best places to try this meat?
I will mention three different local restaurants where you can try this meat with prices accessible to everyone.

La Castillería

La Castillería

If you decide to go to an elegant restaurant, you should go to La Castilleria (Tel. +34 956 451 497) in La Muela (Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz), Be sure to make your previous reservation (several weeks in advance. This place is always packed. They open from April to November. It is the perfect place to try this kind of meat and also other Spanish breeds. Average price is around 50 EUR per person.

El Antojo

Less elegant but still also a very charming restaurant, is El Antojo (Tel. +34 956 437 325). located directly opposite the Trafalgar Lighthouse. Make your reservation at least one day in advance or even on same day. You will always find a table. My recommendation is to check the address on Google Maps and you will not get lost. The price is about 35 EUR per person.

El Antojo
Cárnicas El Alcazar

Cárnicas El Alcazar

The third place to try retinta meat and probably the cheapest one. This can be your own parrilla! If you are hiring a house and have a good grill, I would suggest to buy a good piece of retinta meat. The place to go is in Carnicas El Alcazar (Tel. +34 956 448 445). This store is located in La Muela. Here they have a butcher’s shop specialized in retinta meat and other varieties where you can get it at a good price.

What meat pieces of retinta are most recommended? I would recommend to try high loin, the steak or sirloin (in that order). Always with a low cooking point.
You can also find the the Retinto local fair. This is a very known fair. It is a great opportunity to try this meat. Normally you will get different tapas offered by the restaurants of the village.
I would not like to finish this article before inviting you to digest your dinner base don retinta beef by doing some excercise. Contact us for a private MTB or fat bike excursion in Cadiz. We will visit the natural park of La Breña, Los Alcornocales and the dunes and beaches of the coast. Contact us at BICIZ through our website: or sending an email to
See you next week!

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