E-bikes are here to stay! Discover all their advantages if you are willing to buy a new one.


The market offers a broad range of ebikes: Urban, MTB and even Fat Bikes. Bikers sometimes are reluctant and even embarrassed to tell colleagues that they are thinking of buying an new ebike.


Well, I must say that just bought one myself and the result cannot be more satisfactory. I own a MTB, a fatbike and an electric MTB and each one has its purpose. Electric bicycles are a reality and they are here to stay. When I made the decision I did it for the following reasons:


– When I want to go out with the normal MTB or the fatbike I can also do it with the ebike.

– It allows me to go out with people who are in a better shape without having the feeling of being a burden.

– It’s helpful to balance the different levels of riding at home. My friends who do not practice cycling, my wife or even my children will be able to go out with me whenever they feel like it.

– I’m starting to be at an age where I think it’s good to try not push the limits of my heart beat.

– I can make longer routes with the same effort, which opens up a much wider range of possibilities.

– There is a popular belief that says that you don’t do exercise, you do it and much more if you want to.

– It encourages you to go out. Sometimes one doesn’t feel strong enough or you fell lazy.

– You will contribute to be part of the green mobility park of your town or city.

I could continue giving you reasons especially if you are an urbanite, but as I live in a town I think these are more than enough.


Now, once you have decided, the second part of the question is which ebike should I buy. From the technical point of view at the moment there are not many options either.


In order for an electric bicycle to be considered as such in Europe, it must meet some requirements:


– Have pedals (if it would not be qualified as a motorbike)

– Have a power not exceeding 250 W

– Reach a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h.

Basically, you have to assess the autonomy of the bike that will give you the power of the engine and the amperage. This is is measured in watt hours (Wh). Travel range will go from 35km to 185km depending on how you use the ebike. For example, my ebike has 500w/h and allows me a range between 60 and 130km.


The other important aspect is where the engine is located that can be in:


– The rear wheel: They are less expensive and convenient. Its repair is simple

– Central motor on the bottom bracket shaft: Easier driving. It is activated immediately (useful for slopes and traffic lights) and autonomy is increased. They are better but they have the disadvantage that the repair is more complicated and they are more expensive.

– The front wheel: Increases the weight in the direction complicating its handling. It is the least recommended option.


I hope these tips will help you. If you are thinking of getting a new ebike.

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See you next week!

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