Enjoy a trekking or biking tour in the Natural Park Marshes of Barbate. No slopes at all! Effortless! ideal for any type of cyclist

Today we will to talk about the bike ride in the Natural Park “Marshes of Barbate”. This Natural Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural places in the region of La Janda, Cadiz (Southern Spain)
Next to the river Barbate, in its final step towards the mouth, we find a path parallel to the riverbed of about 15km long (round trip) and with a 0% slope. This bike ride is accessible for all type of persons who come to enjoy MTB in a relaxed way and in a beautiful natural environment. This trail begins in the village of Vejer de la Frontera and ends in Barbate.

Marshes of Barbate
Route start point

To get to the entrance you need to take the N-340 road to A-314 towards Barbate and drive 2.3km. You will see on your left hand a sandy entrance and a sewage treatment plant. You can leave the car there and start the route by crossing an iron fence that you will see ahead.
Once you take road (you are stuck to a small river on your left). Turn left in the first junction and then you will find the Barbate river and the path will turn right. Now you only need to go continuously next to the river (which you will always have on your left) without taking any of the deviations.
After a while you will reach the wooden bridges (there are 4 bridges) that you cross pedaling and when they are finished you will have already reached Barbate. Once in Barbate, turn around and make the same route in the opposite direction.

We can hear the unmistakable sound of toads and frogs, the dip when hiding from the turtles turtles, the jump of some fish hunting on the surface or see its shores full of crabs basking in the sun.
We will cycle watching a wide variety of fauna and flora. Because its proximity to the continent of Africa, a large number of migratory birds use the waters of their marshes to stop and feed before embarking on their journey again.
Note that we are fortunate to have these marshes as we can observe and enjoy species in serious danger of extinction, like the Ibis Hermit. More than 500 years ago there was no a specimen like this in the area but thanks to a recovery program we can see it again in our lands.
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